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Hair Transplant Patients - $0 down!

Now you can pay for those cosmetic medical procedures with low interest rate loans for procedures just like hair transplants or hair graft procedures with low rate financing. So forget about waiting to get the procedure done when you have the lump sum. Now you can get financed and best of all we tell you what your payments will be upfront. Cosmetic Surgery is usually worth every penny so check us for the financing that you will need to get the surgery done all at one time with low monthly payments.

To get approved simply call us or apply online and we will get back to you with your status and loan rate and answer any questions that you might have.

We work with good and poor credit for those that are looking to get a loan to help with the cost for transplants or grafts. These loans are $0 down  for those that don't wish to put any money down. We should also note that there are more customers opting for alternatives to hair transplant because it getting so much harder to get a loan. This is because of the stricter lending requirements of the lenders. We cannot control this. Alternatives can include laser scalp treatments, specializes hair shampoos, other chemical related procedures.

You can get approved in as little several minutes depending on your credit score or level. Call us if you have any questions. And remember that for over 9 years we have been helping patients get the money that they need for their next surgery.

Hair Surgery for just a few dollars per day. You choose any doctor that you like and we finance his full fee and pay him his full fee. There is no cost to apply and no obligation. Get preapproved and get the hair you want without trying those thinning hair products that everyone is pushing! We have ad a lot of customers asking us to recommend good hair transplant doctors. We cannot do this since we do not screen the doctors that use our services. We can however offer a list of well known transplant doctors and recommend that you screen these doctors yourself and remember that many will try to sell you their own brand of hair products, vitamins, stimulants and more as follow ups to their service. If you are interested in this then you will need make sure that you include those costs in your financing quote so that you can finance this part of the procedure as well. Don't forget that support lingerie bras can make a big difference for women that have undergone breast implant surgery. We have listings of the stores that carry these online.

We are putting together a before and after surgery photo guide as well. We have just started this but you have a look to see what some others have done for their hair work.